Thursday, April 9, 2009

Much news...

As anyone who has known me over a summer can attest, I love the Renaissance Festival in Larkspur, Colorado. Whats more, I love working there.

Yes its hot, and hiking in a dress (with a corset) can be exhausting... much less singing and hiking at the same time. But I loved working there... yes, I typed that right... past tense.

I'm taking a hiatus. I don't know if its a "much needed" hiatus or if this is even the right choice for me, but I really need to get out of Kinkos... which leads to major update #2.

I'm going to Beauty School, beginning next week (Tuesday, actually) I'll be starting at Longs Peak Academy of Cosmetology. Its a part-time, two year program in which I'll learn hair, nails and skin. It is my ticket out of Kinkos, and believe me, I'm excited about it!

Sean and my Mom are being ultra supportive during this major upheaval. When I told Mom my plans she actually hopped happily and told me how perfect she thought this would be for me. Sean offered to help pay some of the schooling if I couldn't get a loan. He said he was proud of me for going back to school "for us.."

This is my thought: I'm going to try and stay at Kinkos through school. When school is over, I'll get a job at a full-service salon and work up some clientele. If that goes well, I'll rent a booth and take my clients with me or possibly open a new salon with a collection of others of like mind. To augment my income, I have some ideas about in-home spa treatment parties. It would be great for wedding parties or a "girls night in" kind of thing with wine and a movie.

The big thing would be that I could make my own hours... which means that I would have more time and energy to do the Faire or anything else that I wanted to do! I could go for hikes on a Tuesday, or walk the dogs on a Thursday... or go to lunch with Sean on a Wednesday! Plus, I'd be able to use my creativity to help people.

I guess it doesn't hurt that I'm good at that, either...

Don't worry... I'm not giving up on music. Actually, I play Guitar almost every night and I'm singing with it when Sean goes on his evening bike-rides. Playing and singing are great relaxers for me, and the only way I'd give up music entirely would be if I were in a coma, and even then I'd probably dream music...