Sunday, February 26, 2012

What to do?

It occurs to me lately that I may have lost sight of the big picture. It's a grand statement I hear a lot on television and in referrence to young people's directions in life.

The next question is what to do about it?

But "therein lies the rub!" I suppose that this could be an occasion to make a list of pros and cons. An evaluation of what I have going for me and what needs to change. I guess it could be yet another example of my narcissism and hubris, but even with all I have going for me, I'm still not content.

Question: How does a person find happiness with their current situation or place when they're constantly looking to the horizon for something more? "Stop looking and be happy" is the answer I get fairly often from the wise-types in my life. Stop worrying is another common answer. But above all, I hear "be patient. It'll make more sense when you're older."

I'm gonna call shennanigans on that one... Bullshit. Suck it up and just stop trying?

If something is not right, then something is wrong. True, there are shades of grey in every seemingly black and white case. But, I stand by my statement. If I can't move forward, I get nervous and start to over-analyze my situation. It's a sort of defence mechanism against boredom that I've developed since childhood.

But, it still begs the question. What is it that I should do with my life? a