Monday, May 25, 2009

Sure, I don't NEED them... :D

I know its been a while since my last update, but to be fair, I've been really busy. Its funny, I thought once I'd given up faire for these next two years that I'd have more time and more money to do things...

Not so much...

Actually, its the other way around. I have less money, because I'm paying as I go (and buying extra supplies along the way...) and I go to school three nights a week and Saturdays all day. The payoff is that I have Sundays off to spend with Sean or clean our place.

Also, one of the girls overheard the teachers talking about me the other day! Turns out, everyone is REALLY impressed at how well I'm doing (the term "natural talent" gets tossed around a lot around me) and their only regret is that I haven't finished much of the program yet, so I can't officially do much in the way of client services.

I'm not letting it get me down, though. I can perm now, and do up-dos and shampoo sets (gel curls that older ladies get once a week).

Not to mention the occasional make-up session. Sometimes we get little girls in for special occasions like their birthdays and they get "glamour girl" makeovers which includes nails, make-up and some sort of pretty hairdo. I did one this last week.

She was eight years old and I gave her a crown braid with half her hair and the bottom curled pretty. In the braid I put some gold glitter (she called them sparkleys). We also did her make-up with pink glitter, some pastel purple eyeshadow and light pink blush. She was pleased as punch! So very cute!

Here is my friend Audrey in pincurls (gel curls, except dried with pins holding them instead of curlers)

So, you're probably wondering what this has to do with "I don't need them"... well, as with most fun occupations/hobbies, there are cute t-shirts that people can buy. Since I can't really afford them, I thought to let people know about them on the off chance that someone is at a loss for what to buy me for my birthday or whatever... :D They're from "" I wear a Woman's Medium.

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