Thursday, August 20, 2009

...Leaving on a jet plane...

Sean is currently winging his way to Maine.

Today we left the house at about seven in the morning and after picking up a sandwich at Einsteins and navigating the amazing amount of traffic on 270 to I-70, we made it to DIA.

All this week, in fact, all this month, I've been brave-stoic-confident and even optimistic about the fun he'll have in Maine and the fun I'll have with the house all to myself. The truth is that after I lost sight of him going through security and set foot on the moving walkway, I was crying. I missed him already.

Actually, the feeling was so strong that I cried my way past where I'd parked my car and watched planes for about forty-five minutes, determined as I was to see him go.

I must have watched about thirty planes landing and taking off... when it hit me.

Not only did I not know what Continental's planes looked like, but I was slightly jealous. All of these people coming and going, taking trips and seeing the sights... and I didn't know if I would have enough cash to get out of the parking lot.

So now I'm back home, even though without Sean here, its not very 'homey'. First things first, I suppose. Time to clean, then I'll see what I can do around the house.

Maybe I'll even do some sculpting...

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