Wednesday, December 16, 2009

All Natural Wednesday: Music

This might sound trite coming from someone with a music degree, but there have been studies that link music and all sorts of things.

One of my favorite forms of this is singing for health! Betcha didn't know it was good for ya, eh?

Ever notice that after you've sang your heart out you feel better, healthier, stronger? There is a good reason for it, actually.

According to Dr. Ben Kim of, singing from your abdomen (your lower belly) engages your diaphragm, which in turn helps to move your lymph fluid through its lymphatic system. This, in turn, makes way for general good health with a raised immune system and helps remove toxins from the body.

Singing also, to a lesser extent than real (sweat producing) exercise, releases endorphines, which raises that feeling of "good" that helps keep us healthy mentally as well.

How do I cash in? Thats easy!

Stuck in traffic? Sing along to the radio...
Have a free weekend before Christmas? Go caroling with friends... (Plus you'll have the added benefit of walking around your neighborhood or wherever you go.)
Have the house all to yourself? Dance and sing to your favorite music. Who cares if you look silly... after all, the only one looking is you!

Have some fun, and belt it out... trust me, you'll feel better. Who knows? The one stuck next to you in traffic might just be singing along to the same song!

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