Sunday, February 24, 2013

Pancakes, Snowstorms and IKEA... Oh my!

Hello again!

C'est Moi...

   I'm writing this as I cook pancakes and watch the snow accumulate on my porch here in Boulder. Its beautiful, but I'm not looking forward to going to work in it. Been out already today for an 8am meeting, and the snow has only gotten worse since then.

   I guess I should say that I'm actually making crepes. When I was a kid, I'm still fuzzy on why we did this, but crepes were "thin pancakes" and regular pancakes involved grated potatoe. We'll chalk it up to a "quirky German" thing. :D

   Two things I have to stress when making crepes, as they were an issue today: 1. make the batter a little runny so that its easier to coat the bottom of the pan, and 2. Use MILK! Fellow lactose intolerants will agree that Almond milk, while better on the tummy when eaten with cereal or drank, doesn't cook well. Plan accordingly.

Here's a really good recipe and a tutorial, btw: Basic Crepe Recipe, Easy Tutorial

   Snow always makes me want to do two things: Wax poetic and rearrange my house... and sometimes to bake cookies, but we won't go there today. The rearranging thing usually takes the form of "trying to get organized." Its quite the uphill battle for me, as I tend toward the pile in the corner system. Not very effective when trying to find things.

The other problem I run into is that I like things to be pretty in their functionality. Enter... IKEA! I'll admit it, I have a little bit of an addiction. Its a good thing that its in Centennial, or there would be a greater addiction at hand.

Here are some pics of my new shelves and some pretty frames. Now I just need to put pictures in them!

 Shelf one, from IKEA, and surprisingly heavy but easy to assemble.

Shelf two from Bed bath and beyond... also very easy! This one is designed by Martha Stewart... I'm thinking she went to IKEA before designing it, though...


And pretty pretty frames! Sean helped me arrange them on the wall to look artistically off kilter. I think it works very well with the chest of drawers and salt rock. Chic and pleasant... Good stuff!

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