Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wine and phrases

I've been so busy lately that other than being tired, I really have nothing new to report... So, irony of ironies, this was the phrase of the day on Friday: Sie arbeiten zu viel. Which means "You work too much." The weekend phrase was less exciting: Er ist ganz gruen vor Neid. Which means "He is green with envy."
The wine are two new bottles I tried this week. I love going to my two favorite liquor stores in boulder, liquor mart and asking whatever clerk I can find to suggest a new wine for me. These were two recent suggestions. The one on the right is I will not drink bad wine; Chardonnay and the one on the right is Formula 1 E a Spanish Red blend.

Both very good and both very reasonable. The Chardonnay especially is very easy to drink, especially with chicken dishes or light pasta.

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