Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year all!

In celebration of the first day of the new year, or more probably just my having a day off, Sean and I went for a drive around town. During the drive we talked and enjoyed the scenery and each others company. The quiet time also gave me the opportunity to think about my New Year's resolutions.

Perhaps the New Year resolution is not something that we resolve but something that we strive for in ourselves. The idea of losing ten pounds... why? Because that ten pounds is a symbol for greater self-confidence and empowerment to do the things that we might have been afraid to do. It gives us the strength to do those things that we didn't do because we were hiding behind that ten pounds.

So this year? I'm resolving to be confident in myself and to not be afraid of challenges. The ten pounds I still want to lose, that hasn't changed. But my motivations have definitely received an upgrade.

Don't let you get in your own way! If you want something, get off your butt and do it!

Good Luck!

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