Wednesday, April 4, 2012


As a general rule, if something tastes a little funny, I won't eat it. But, as it happens, I was very, very hungry at dinner on Monday evening. Its not an excuse, just a logical reasoning as to why I kept eating even though the chicken strips were very old and mealy and the ranch I was putting on them was god knows how old out of a refrigerator that has a tendency of not getting closed all the way.

I got food poisoning from that meal. Or, as I like to call it: a supremely painful pyrotechnic event in which my insides became my outsides and my outsides just cried in pain... I'm still amazed that I didn't seriously injure a few of my organs. Even after the evacuation of my system subsided for the night, I felt like I had been run over by a mack truck, repeatedly. All said, as of this morning, I slept a total of 23 hours.

I feel fine now. A little shaky, a little weak, but fine. I also feel like a jerk for not finding a replacement for my shift on Tuesday. But, again... I really thought I was going to die. Honestly, I'm surprised that I didn't. Glad... but surprised none the less.

There were repercussions, obviously. My boss is very upset with me, and I'd be surprised if I didn't get written up or worse once I finally get in touch with her. Also, I'm reasonably sure that I've lost about 5-10 lbs in this endevour. Most of it was undoubtedly water weight. I could actually feel my body drawing from the fat stores of my legs and behind to aide in the evacuation process. I was throwing up much more than the amount of liquids that I'd taken in the past week. It was really scary. I tried to call my Mom at 2am, but was unable to get a hold of her.

If the waves of nausea and diarrhea hadn't stopped by 4am as they had, I would have gotten Sean to take me to the hospital. As it was, I'm still pretty wiped out. But food is staying down, and I'm taking it easy today. Yesterday was a complete wash, as I was in bed til 4pm, got up for some chocolate milk and a restroom visit, then went back to bed til 7pm. I parked myself on the couch for the rest of the evening, dozing here and there, then went back to bed a few hours later. 23 hours of sleep is only counting the actual time I was in bed. I don't count the time I spent on the couch, though I was sleeping much of that time too.

But, the important part is that I LIVED! Yay! Now, time to clean up and try and eat something. Gotta get my strength back up... Whew... that coffee I made earlier is really hitting my system, so I think maybe I'll not drink the whole thing. Half the cup should do it... Wow

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