Thursday, August 2, 2012

A dog's life... as a sculpture, that is...

From time to time, I get a wild hair and decide to dabble in a new art form. Sometimes, its just a new take on some old ideas. Sometimes, its taking up a new hobby, like scrap booking or learning how to make a wedding dress. I'll post a bit about those endeavors later, seeing as I haven't blogged here in a while.

But today, its all about sculpting and molds!

Oh, what a cute litttle doggie...

Well, it sure would be swell to have another one... maybe I should make a mold? *giggles* Yeah, duh, I guess...

I had a couple of options for this, as I'd been thinking of doing some sculpting/molding with the lady that I was working on before. I didn't end up being very inspired to finish it, so instead of letting it sit in a corner, gathering dust, I decided to cannibalize the plasticina from the project and try and figure out molding. Originally, I wanted to make something that I wouldn't care about too much, but that would be cute. Actually, I ended up loving this little doggie. He turned out really cute.

I put this little guy in the freezer to harden him up and then I put the molding epoxy on the doggie after testing it on a little star guy I made.

Next was cleaning out the mold and casting a trial run...  I couldn't find my plaster, so I ended up using the other mold mix that I had. Since the yellow 2 part epoxy is an oil based mold and the other brand is a water based mold, there was no chance of them sticking.

Then, voila! Or, Ta-dum... or presto... or whatever. LOL

Not quite what I had set out to make when I started earlier this afternoon, but cool none-the-less. Next stop will be Meinningers tomorrow to see about getting some molding resin and some mother mold casting epoxy. Should be good! I'll keep you posted.

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BlacknickSculpture said...

Very cool! Its always fun to check out another artists wip photos! Best of luck with your castings ; )