Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ghosts of falls past?

I know, I know... it really should be "ghost of Christmas past" but we're not quite to that season yet, no matter what the department stores would like you to think!

This week I was going through some old papers and knick-knacks that I picked up from my Mom's house, and I found myself thinking about where are they now? Friends that have moved, people I'm just not in touch with anymore... and those characters that you think you see when you're out doing errands.

Are they your long lost buddies or just doppelgangers? Pod people? Wait, nope... sorry, too much sci-fi lately.

In any case, I got a bit of a wild hair and started looking people up. Being in theater for so long, I did start a bit of a list of people that I could try and track down... but instead I opted for the "ex-boyfriend" quest.

A few months ago I actually had one guy that I had dated for a while years ago... We're talking High School, and we had met at a dance that our friends had dragged us to (Megan in my case) at a Mormon church (back when she was Laurel Class President). Aaron and I chat from time to time and I've added him to the list of people that I call friend.

Alrighty... getting to the chase: I found my last serious boyfriend. Brian. Yep...

So after befriending him on myspace on Monday, guess who I ran into today?

His cousin, who I also haven't seen since he moved out of my Mom's house where we were living. Crazy ol' world, ain't it? I think things like this sort of happen in waves. At least thats my theory.

It was a strange day all the way around, and then when Tracy showed up at my work it topped the sundae with an odd little cherry.

To top it ALL off... well, I have a song stuck in my head that I'm going to share with you all... why? Cause I can... thats why. LOL

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