Thursday, November 6, 2008

A week of change!

First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who came out and voted this past Tuesday. Republican or Democrat or whatever, the amount of voter turnout topped out at approx. 121,562,000. Thats incredible! Whatever the turnout, people made their voices heard, and thats amazing.

As the first one in my family born in the United States, I'm pretty gung-ho about voting.

What I really don't understand is the amazing amount of people who care who wins, but DON'T VOTE?! What? In all seriousness, I understand being busy. I'm very busy too, but there are mail in ballots for that. If you're upset and didn't vote, thats your own too bad. I'm sorry, but its true!

As for me? I'm proud to be an American... and its been a while. As a dual citizen up til I turned 18, I gave some serious thought to the possibility of moving to Germany and becoming a citizen there. But I did stay and register to vote, which works very much like declaration of citizenship.

Congratulations Barack Obama! I'm confident that he will be a very competent and charismatic leader. In that order. Plus, my Mother will no longer be plagued by stupid questions from my Uncle in Germany about what our President is up to... LOL

Ah... another interesting adventure this last two-three weeks has been the addition of serious budgeting of both my time and money. I'm taking spending very seriously by limiting groceries and extraneous frivolities like candy or cookies.

Something I've noticed already: Energy! Its incredible... if you eat right and exercise a little every day (but I'm still doing the three nights a week at 24hour fitness) you feel great! We'll see if I lose any weight in my endeavors. I just want to fit in my skinny jeans, to be honest. :D

I'm also happy to report that Sean is one fantastic man. He bought me two pairs of my all-time favorite earrings. Beautiful, thank you Sean!

One last interesting tidbit: Did you know that you can record using your earphones? We found this out last night. It works better with the larger headphones that cup your ears. Sean found it on a website detailing ways to mic your drum-kit. Basically, the man put the headphones with one on the top of the snare drum and one on the bottom.

We were giggling about it a little and thought... hey, lets try it! So we did, but with a guitar. Sean strummed into his recording equipment and I held the headphones on the sweet spot of the acoustic guitar below bridge. Sure enough! It works. If you have some bigger headphones it works a little better, but smaller ones work to some extent. So yep! Fun fun!!

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