Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All Natural Wednesday: Dry Shampoo

Here's an easy way to get clean minus the water that soap requires.

There are a ton of different materials that can be used for dry shampoos.

The most common are: Rice flour, corn meal, and baking soda.

Rice flour and corn meal are much more gentle on the scalp, though.

The application is simple. Part hair in 1" sections and apply a small amount to the scalp exposed as you go.

Once the whole scalp has 'shampoo', massage in gently (I'd do this somewhere that you can sweep, or over a sink if possible.). Let set on hair for ~15minutes. Don't take a shower in this time, it will create a paste on your head that is really not pleasant.

Brush out (again, somewhere you can sweep) with either a natural/boar bristle brush or a nylon brush.

Your hair will be cleaner and if you color your hair, it will not have faded.

To be fair, I haven't been able to use the dry shampoo effectively, though Corn Meal is definitely the best of the three. Generally I use "Dirty Secret" from Rockstar hair products. It smells nice, its pressurized and doesn't make a mess of my bathroom. Corn Meal, if you can manage it, is by far a less expensive option, however.


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