Friday, November 6, 2009

Of Mice and Meetings...

There is a sound in my kitchen.

It's the rustling of paper and wrappers and small edible things. It happens late at night when I'm getting ready for bed, and at quiet times during the day. It's a very small noise and it is coming from the meanderings of a very small mouse.

Cuteness aside, there is a rodent living with Sean and I. We were watching Spectacular Spiderman and I heard a noise coming from the kitchen. Being back from work and getting ready for school, I was eating some leftovers when we heard what sounded like tinfoil being crumpled.

Being naturally curious, I went to check it out. Sean, apparently, had been hearing the noise for several days now but had yet to investigate it. So, sneaking very quietly into the kitchen, leftovers in hand, I gently pulled open the cabinet door under the sink.

There, munching on some wilted celery that was sticking partway out of the trash was a terrified little mouse. The feeling was mutual as I jumped about two feet in the air, made an awfully girly sound (like eep) and lost the fork out of my plastic container. The mouse tore straight for its hole where the pipes come out of the wall for the sink while I jumped and Sean laughed about how the mouse was probably more scared of me than I of it.

He was probably right. We did get traps that day, and after I cleaned up the food stuffs scattered around under the sink (and the two tinfoil cupcake wrappers) Sean set them up. It was amazing. Little mouse had pulled wrappers and Pumpkin pieces and Spaghetti squash skins and all manner of things out of the trash.

I guess this means that if you have good stuff in the trash and its accesible, even on the third floor you can get vermin. Good to know... Guess I'll toss my old pumpkins directly in the dumpster.

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