Sunday, November 15, 2009

Soapbox Sunday: Child and Pet Ettiquette

Lumping your child in the same category as your pet is not fair, but in some ways the same rules apply.

Children and Pets (namely dogs) in the Salon or store or wherever...

Here's the thing:

If you're in a Salon or Spa, you're there to relax and feel better. Doesn't it make sense to make it a pleasant place for everyone? This is why the same rules apply to bringing your small dog into a public place as bringing in your four year old boy.

If... and this is a big one... if you can't keep them quiet, they'll disturb others.

On the same token, if they're running from one end of the store, restaurant, Salon, Spa or whatever to the other, that is not proper behavior. Its disturbing to everyone and doesn't belong in public areas. Disruption aside, there is also a matter of safety. If a child wanders into an area where things could fall on them, or people could trip on them, then they're not safe.

I only bring this up because I care. Its not to be bitchy or unprofessional or anything of that nature. But if there is a small child running break neck behind a stylist who doesn't know they're there and has very sharp shears in her hand... well, accidents are bound to happen.

That being said, if you have a well behaved child, dog... iguana, or whatever. Then by all means, bring them along! But use discretion. If you know they can't behave, get a sitter.

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