Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All Natural Wednesdays: Are you S.A.D.?

I thought that this week, with the resurgence of our snowy weather, I might address something that happens pretty commonly throughout Winter and is often overlooked.

S.A.D. Funny acronyms aside, SAD stands for Seasonal Affective Disorder. While its cause is debatable, it is most often attributed to the lack of light that happens with the onslaught of winter.

Most commonly considered "seasonal depression," "Cabin Fever," or the winter blahs, there are many easy and all natural ways to combat it!

1. Citrus fruits: They're high in Vitamin C, a natural booster for the system, and are in season in the winter. If Grapefruit isn't your thing, eat an Orange or a couple of Clementines.

2. Exercise: Okay, so you should be exercising anyway, but here is a good reason to do so. Physical activity, specifically the kind that elevates your heart rate and causes a little perspiration, releases endorphins which in turn elevate your mood. Plus, they boost your metabolism and help move things through your system, like toxins that might make you more sluggish.

3. Tanning: Relish this suggestion, cause you won't get it often. Seriously, light therapy, in the form of UV tanning beds, can help your body produce vitamin K. Only 5 minutes at the most, once or twice a week. Really, do try and limit your exposure. Sunburns are especially painful and irritating when bundled under layers and layers of sweaters and coats. Not to mention the risks for skin cancers. Moderation is the best policy here.

So have a lovely winter, keep hydrated, eat plenty of citrus, exercise, and get a little bit of sun!

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