Monday, December 27, 2010

Perspective on Failing (first attempt)

"Never react emotionally to what happens but always look for and find in every circumstance the good that's surely present there."

Wow... wish I had known that earlier today. I feel that I handled myself very well, all things considered.

Granted, I was failed on my first attempt at taking my Colorado State Boards Practical examination.

Yes, I was failed on a technicality. Officially, the reason given was that my "sections were uneven".

Literally, any item on the test not fulfilled is grounds for automatic failure of the test.

Okay, I'll admit that I'm not happy in the least about the situation. Most likely I'll have to either

A: beg, borrow, steal and whatever else to get a test date before the end of the year(I'm not holding my breath on that one.*grins*)

or B: Relearn all of the criteria so that I can take the test using the all-new rules for 2011(which also means that I'll have to redo my kit before testing as well, and possibly go in for some training at school for it.)

Either way, I'm trying to look to the positive side. Ya know, it could be that this is all for the best. As someone quite wise told me today, "who knows, you might just look back when you're seventy and realize that it was all for a reason.". Jill, I sure hope you're right!

In the meantime, was good that I tested in Greeley because I got to reminisce for a while before the test of when I went to school at UNCO. was good that I had a chance to see how the test worked and what the facilities are like. (Including the heating and air conditioning. That room was quite warm... then again, I was really nervous too.) was good that after the test, I got to hang out with Megan, who I rarely get to see. We had a lovely dinner and then proceeded to eat every sugary thing we could think of... it was wonderful. was amazingly good to see how truely blessed with people who care about me that I am! So many people have called or emailed or texted or a combination therof about my attempt today that I was almost brought to tears of joy. How great is it to know that even in the darkest hour, you still have so many people who care?


Sanchia Holder said...

Thank you for your posts reflecting on Norman Vincent Peale's 'Positive Thinking Everyday'. I am doing the same thing, started this month. Though I use my journal, not an online blog. Today's quote is a challenge for me as I'm a pretty emotional person. I was looking for additional inspiration online when I came across your blog.

Sanchia Holder said...

*today would be Dec. 27-writing from Trinidad