Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Uplifting exercise

"Never think down - always think up!"
-Positive Thinking Every Day by Norman Vincent Peale

Last night, after dinner and blogging, I went for a jog. Bundled in two shirts, two light 'workout' jackets, a big scarf, hat and gloves, and with my new sketcher tone-ups; I braved the cold and half ran half jogged all the way to my work and back.

Apparently its a good idea to wear a scarf over your mouth to avoid what my friend Adam calls "bloody lungs". Now, I'm not a doctor, or an athlete really... by any stretch of the imagination. But I'm pretty sure that that is not really what its called. LOL

Today, along with a little bit of a cough from my evening jaunt, I woke with a lovely UP feeling. I credit a combination of positive thinking and working out last night with this uplift.

I think this whole "thinking up" idea is good, actually... because there is an amazing power in the human mind to trick itself into certain behaviors. So, here's to the power of the mind, right? Hurray!

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