Thursday, December 30, 2010

Snow, LLCs and the Psychology of Positive

"Take the best into your mind and only that. Nurture it, concentrate on it, visualize it, prayerize it, surround it with faith. Make it your obsession. Spiritually creative mind power aided by god power will produce the best."
-Positive Thinking Every Day by Norman Vincent Peale

Its finally snowing in Boulder. But not just snowing, its been snowing quite heavily for most of the day. Tonight its forecasted to be around 3 degrees below zero. It is really beautiful outside, actually. Its kind of like a frosted paradise.

I'm always struck by the simple beauty of the falling flakes. Downy fluff falling from the heavens to blanket the world with a deep stillness. It feels like nature is breathing deep, on the verge of sleeping for a good long while. A soft, cold sleep til spring.

Unfortunately, until about 14 hours ago, that was not the case. Its been unseasonably warm lately. In fact, the day after Christmas, I actually saw someone swimming in an outdoor pool in town. But its snowing now, and mother nature seems to be trying to make up for time lost. It is gorgeous outside, despite the road conditions. :D

Ah... cue the music and enjoy the snow!
Florence and the Machine: Dog Days are Over!

During a slower time at work today, I was searching around on the internet for possible names for a mobile spa business. I finally stumbled on a good name for my business: Goddess to go, LLC or, on promotional material it will be: Goddess to go! A mobile spa

Needless to say, I'm pretty happy with myself today. Its pretty easy to register an LLC for Colorado online. Exciting stuff, actually. Naturally, I won't launch the actual business until I'm legally able to practice Cosmetology. But at least now I have the business registered and named. Good stuff.

Now, a word on todays positivity. Let in the good! Its working... amazing as it sounds, making sure that you think positive and look to the good in every day that good things start coming out. I actually surprised myself today by complementing something in my life that I generally put down and denigrate.

Actually... I did that twice in the same conversation and before that, I was doing that with a coworker as well. Amazing things are happening to my blood pressure and the knot in my stomach is slowly starting to unwind.

There is a definite change for the better. Its much like a winter in my heart at the moment. Deep, still, quiet and cool. There is potential for great beauty and vibrant, colorful beauty. Its there, under a thick blanket of freshly fallen snow.

But spring is coming... I can feel it in my roots

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